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Our Strata Management expertise includes:

Residential strata schemes

Commercial strata schemes

Building management (BMC's)

Community schemes

Mixed residential & commercial schemes

Neighbourhood schemes

Each strata plan we manage, has its own trust account with Macquarie Bank. 

The Deft System is used for levy payments which allows Owners to pay their strata levies conveniently.

Investment accounts, at call or fixed term, are also available to ensure maximum interest is earned on your Capital Works Fund monies. 

We have an extensive list of proven, tried and qualified local trades people who have greatly contributed to our success in the last years.  Each and every trades person is checked annually for their license, insurance cover and WH&S procedures so the Owners Corporation can feel confident with the trades persons contracted.

Services 1st three

Strata Services

Accounting & Levy Collection

Repairs & Maintenance

We give support and guidance to your strata committee on by-law matters.  We assist in the drafting, amending, registering and repealing of by-laws. In addition, we also prepare and issue breach notices when needed thus helping to enforce these by-laws by serving notices to comply.

Strata laws require your owners corporation to have sufficient insurance in place for your building and common areas. Working with your strata committee, with our partner Coverforce, strata insurance specialists, we find insurance to meet all of your needs at very competitive rates.

No one likes surprises (unless it’s your birthday). Avoid being shocked again with unexpected demands for large sums of money. Fairwater Strata Services budgets for the future, for the forecasting of major works, maintenance and also for the management of a capital works fund in addition to the administration fund.

services 2nd 3

By Laws & Legal

Strata Insurance

Scheme Budgets

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